Classical Chinese Dance Competition

Past Events 2014-15

2016 International Classical Chinese Dance Competition

Semi-Finals: Thu., Oct. 20   /   Finals: Fri, Oct. 21


Sometimes words are simply not enough to express the depth and beauty of Chinese Culture, and that’s when we must turn to a different kind of language – the language of the body through performing arts. Classical Chinese dance is an art form that brings alive the folk tales, legends and myths of China. It transports you across time and space to the rich and colorful world of the Middle Kingdom. Come and enjoy the dance competition, which will open your eyes and mind!

Competition Schedule:
Semi-finals: Thursday, October 20
11am-1pm Semi-finals I; 1-2pm Lunch break; 2-6pm Semi-finals II

Finals: Friday, October 21
1pm-5:30pm Finals; 5:30-6:30pm Dinner break; 6:45-7:30pm Past champions’
special performance and award ceremony

There are four divisions in the competition (Junior Male, Junior Female,
Adult Male, Adult Female). Contestants in each division will perform a
set of challenging dance movements for technical evaluation, and a dance
routine for both technical and artistic presentation.  Therefore, the
competition each day are divided in eight segments. There will be short
intermissions between the divisions for judge deliberation.