Treehouse Shakers

Past Events 2014-15

Treehouse Shakers Under the Tangle

Thursday, December 10, 2015
Treehouse Shakers will return with ‘Olive & Pearl’ – Spring 2017

Under the Tangle artwork by Rebecca Miller

 Under the Tangle is conceived and choreographed by Emily Bunning. Visually vibrant, Under the Tangle is a dance-mystery about an adolescent girl who becomes ensnarled in an intriguing labyrinth after the sudden loss of her parents. Throughout her journey, she twists along the maze finding numerous clues revealing life lessons and meeting many unusual characters: a flock of black birds, daunting labyrinth guards, and The Queen of the Lost who is perched on the forbidding tower. Under the Tangle explores adolescence using modern dance, theater, and absurd costuming to expose emotions of loneliness, otherness, hope, and accomplishment. This artistic and adventurous tale is filled with obstacles, relationships, and discoveries, which strengthen the heroine’s sense of self, helping her to discover her path throughout the tangled maze. Under the Tangle is a must-see performance to be enjoyed and delighted in, by the adventurer in all of us.  Grades 3rd to 5th.