Monologue Monday Grand Prize Winner

Monologue Monday Grand Prize Winner

December 7, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Monologue Monday Grand Prize Winner @ Online | New York | New York | United States

Thank you for joining us for Tribeca PAC’s Monologue Monday series, in collaboration with Borough of Manhattan Community College and North Carolina A&T State University. We are honored and excited to have these wonderful theater departments participate in our very first monologue competition!  We are dedicated to using the arts to entertain, educate and foster mutual appreciation and understanding of our global culture. We are thankful that both institutions have contributed talented and dedicated artists; to help us continue to pursue our mission through these challenging times.

For this particular series, we have chosen very specific themes, relative to today, which must be the foundation for each monologue presented. There were three rounds, each with a different theme. The theme for Round 1 was “Isolation,” for Round 2 was “Peace,” and Round 3 was “Injustice.”  The winning monologue of each round premiered on earlier this month. The three winners competed for the final round with a new monologue.  The theme for Round 4, the final round, is “leadership” and the Grand Prize Winner is …

Congratulations to Taylor Williams
Tribeca PAC Monologue Monday Final Round Grand Prize Winner (theme: Leadership) with the performance from Ago by Mandy Connor.

The grand prize winning monologue will be presented on screen as a preview prior to one of Tribeca PAC’s Mainstage events scheduled for 2021.

This is a significant opportunity in which we have been reminded of the importance of artistry, community, collaboration, imagination and creativity.  Now more than ever, knowing theaters are closed across the nation and most sets are shut down on both coasts, we feel the world could use a little more art to empower individuals. That is why we are here this evening. A gentle reminder that we all need the Performing Arts.

To our audience, thank you for returning to us virtually; as always, we appreciate your support. To the talented actors, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to each participant and wish heartfelt congratulations to the winning monologue for this week.

The winners from Rounds 1, 2 and 3 are below:

Bria O’GarroTribeca – Round 1 Winner Nov. 2 – (Theme: Isolation) with the performance from The Monologue Show by Don Zolidis

Chris Garcia – Round 2 Winner – Nov. 9 – (Theme: Peace)
with the performance from Suicide Incorporated by Andrew Hinderaker

Taylor Williams – Round 3 Winner – Nov 16 – (Theme: Injustice)
with the performance from ‘Information’ by Nicole Quinn

The plays were selected from Playscripts, Inc., which is an independent publisher of new plays and musicals.