Long Range Plan

Strategic Plan For Season’s 2019-20 through 2022-23

What We Value

The strategic planning process gave TRIBECA PAC the time to articulate four values that drive the organization’s artistic and administrative activities.



Tribeca PAC encourages collaboration and opportunities for:
• Presenting more emerging and established artists of various disciplines.
• Increasing audiences that span from pre-school to seniors within the BMCC community and NYC.
• Widening our supporters of in-kind, contributed, and earned resources.
• Bridging communication between the BMCC administration–Board and staff–from backstage to the front-of-the- house services, which generates a holistic environment for the creation and presentation of events.


Tribeca PAC garners a wide sense of community beyond what is viewed on the stage. Our community comprises the artists that create the work, the theaters in which the work is created and presented, the college community, as well as the outside audience that bears witness to the creation and presentation of the work; and just as important are the local businesses that enhance the overall social experience.


Tribeca PAC’s core value is to reflect the ethnically, culturally, and socially diverse backgrounds of New York City and the Greater Metropolitan area. We seek out the most talented and innovative artists that mirror our city; we hire individuals who are skilled and who echo the diversity of our audiences. We seek ethnically, culturally, and socially diverse Board and administration that complements the artists and audiences that we serve.


Tribeca PAC embraces and promotes the inclusion of all races, genders, ages, and economic backgrounds to participate in the creation, support, and consumption of the arts. We believe that race, gender, and age diversity create a well-rounded organization and are fundamental in choosing decision-making individuals who steer and guide the organization.

Strategic Goals

• Support artists that represent our audience and reflect our values.
• Increase our engagement with the College community.
• Increase attendance at all our shows.
• Develop effective fundraising-development activities.
• Strengthen our Board as a governing body.
• Promote a culture of organizational excellence and sustainability.