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Past Events 2014-15

Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre:


March 13, 14 & 15, 2015 –  Check out the review in Oberon’s Grove

Amanda Swelyn Combo

For Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre ‘s 15th Anniversary Season, she will present Renewal, an evening-length work that unpacks the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again – dramatizing how we re-invent ourselves again and again over time.  Renewal will be composed of a series of shorts that shift the physical and visceral present movement, re-starting, reclaiming, and revitalizing our experience of it.  Each short will highlight signature structures and elements in Selwyn’s style including gesture, partnering, virtuosic artistry juxtaposed with pedestrian movement, humor, character, and theatricality.  With Selwyn’s fresh and vibrant movement language of extended limbs, physical risk, athleticism, energy, release, touch, and balance, she will activate emotional expression and offer many in-roads for audiences to make meaning for themselves.

Amanda Selwyn

“Amanda Selwyn is a master at illustrating the symbiosis of sound and movement, the romance of motion and emotion – she had me laughing, crying, cringing and gasping” – Inside New York. “Amanda Selwyn’s work is masterly and emotionally expressive; she is truly gifted in the art of dance making” –NYC Dance Stuff.  Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre engages audiences in original and dynamic dance theatre that raises questions, challenges social norms and values, and magnifies humanity through dance.