About Our Board


Board Members play a critical role for BMCC Tribeca PAC.  They provide the staff with vital information on the many challenges that come with operating a presenting organization within New York City. Board Members are the public face of BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

The Staff looks to the BMCC Board members for guidance on a variety of critical issues including finance, marketing, legal, fundraising and development and audience cultivation.

Board members serve terms of three years, which may be renewed.


BMCC Tribeca Pac is a multi-disciplinary and intergenerational presenter in Lower Manhattan located on the Borough of Manhattan community College’s campus.   Tribeca PAC exists within a heterogeneous, complex, and multi-layered environment.   We are part of the diverse socioeconomic and ethnic culture that mirrors New York City.  We celebrate and support a harmony of artists’ voices, which together represent the most profound expressions of the human race. We also recognize the power of connecting those voices to an audience that is prepared to hear them.


– To Plan, develop and promote cultural and educational activities among the students and faculty of the Borough of Manhattan Community College of the City University of New York and the residents of the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

– To offer musical performances, plays, dance programs, entertainment, shows and displays of the performing and visual arts through the media of stage, theater and telecommunications.

– To encourage and promote the creation, development and advancement of the performing and visual arts; and to lawfully do any and all things necessary, suitable and proper for the accomplishment of these purposes.

– To act as an advisory body to officials of the college in matters of principle and policy concerning Tribeca PAC

– To have and exercise all lawful powers and to do or perform any lawful act, necessary to affect any or all of the purposes for which Tribeca PAC was formed.


– Understanding and championing the mission which is: BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the longest operating performance venue in lower Manhattan, is dedicated to identifying, supporting and presenting established and emerging artists in a variety of disciplines, including music, dance and children’s theatre to the diverse Metropolitan audience.

– Being fully knowledgeable and conversant regarding BMCC Tribeca PAC’s vision, programs, and its annual budget.

– Serving the Organization by attending five board meetings a year and participating in discussions about audience and cultivation events attendance. We also ask Board members to serve on at least one board committee.

– Suggest agenda items for the board and committee meetings to ensure that significant policy-related matters are addressed.

– Advocating for the organization in one’s appropriate spheres of influence, in your work environment, residential community and with the media including displaying your board participation in your bio whenever it appears.

– Contributing to BMCC TPAC. Public board members are asked to make an annual contribution at an amount no less than $1,000.00.

– Attend cultivation events, performances and auxiliary programs with friends, family and colleagues as a means to build our audience base and cultivate new donors and potential board candidates.

– Each board member is expected to make themselves and appropriate skills available as called upon by the leadership.

– Bringing a sense of practical perspective and an excellent sense of humor to their Board service.